2 egg bagels and a smoothie from Koko Head Café in Oahu for breakfast

16 Best Places to Get Breakfast in Honolulu

Hawaii is a chain of islands filled to the brim with natural beauty. It has crystal clear waters, incredible beaches, mountains, valleys, and cascading waterfalls. But you’re going to need to charge your batteries to get the most out of exploring some of its most beautiful islands. 

One of the favorites is Oahu – and home to the largest city in the island chain – Honolulu. If you want to start your day the right way, you’ll need a great breakfast (or brunch if you’re sleeping in) venue.

Below are 16 of the best restaurants in Honolulu

1. Koko Head Cafe

Price: $$-$$$

Type: Cafe, American, Bar

Koko Head Cafe is a Hawaiian-style breakfast with a twist. Try the ‘miso-marinated fish with eggs’ or the breakfast congee. It features sausage, croutons, and cheddar cheese. It’s filling and incredibly satisfying. The breakfast bruschetta and the ricotta pancakes are also delicious. Skillets are also a great option for the hungry. It’s an extensive menu that will reward exploration. Order a maple sriracha sausage patty as a side; you’ll be glad you did. This is a great place to stop by after hiking the Koko Head Trail, one of the best hikes in Oahu.

2. Zippy’s

Price: $

Type: Hawaiian, American, Vegetarian

A local favorite, this is where you want to be if you want an authentic Hawaiian breakfast. It may be a chain and Hawaii’s answer to fast food, but the menu is varied and offers excellent value for the money. Take a seat and tuck into their signature chili. Their selection of pastries is also fantastic. Don’t forget a cup of locally produced coffee. It may not be your idea of breakfast food, but it put the chain on the map.

3. Duke’s Canoe Club

Price: $$-$$$

Named in honor of Olympic athlete and renowned surfer Duke Kahanamoku, this spot has a laid-back vibe. The cocktail menu offers a great selection – and who says that cocktails aren’t a great way to start the day (you can’t go wrong with the mimosa or the bloody mary). The breakfast buffet is extensive, and diners can enjoy everything from fresh local fruit to muffins and bagels. The omelets should not be missed, and the banana pancakes are a delight.

4. Plumeria Beach House

Price: $$-$$$

Type: American, Fusion, and Hawaiian

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting for breakfast than on the beachfront in Honolulu, but this dining destination has more to offer than fantastic views. They make a justifiable claim to provide the best breakfast, Honolulu-style. Take a seat indoors or on the patio and tuck into the Beachside Breakfast featuring fresh fruit, juice, and pastries. It’s adjoining the upscale Kahala Resort on Plumeria Beach, so make an effort to dress for the occasion (although resort wear is still the order of the day).

5. Liliha Bakery

Price: $

Type: Bakeries, American, and Diner

Go old school and enjoy some of the best baked goods on the island. The pastries are exceptional, and even the humble donut gets the 5-star treatment. Try the Coco Puffs resembling profiteroles – but with the welcome addition of chocolate pudding. The service is fast and friendly, and it’s a local favorite – always a good sign for those in search of the best breakfast in Honolulu.

6. Sweet E’s Cafe

Price: $$-$$$

Type: Cafe, American, and Vegetarian

If you’re craving a sweet treat for breakfast, this venue will provide everything your heart desires. If you are going to choose one item from the extensive menu, then it has to be the blueberry cream cheese-stuffed French toast. But those in search of more savory options will not be disappointed with the fried rice, hash, and egg offerings. There is also a fabulous selection of eggs Benedict-type dishes, and the omelets are great as well. For the hungry, the ‘Extreme Mess’ is the way to go. Three extra-large eggs, ham, hash browns, bacon, and sausage, all topped with cheddar cheese (all scrambled together). It may not be healthy, but it’s oh so delicious.

7. Heavenly Island Lifestyle

Price: $$-$$$

Type: Cafe, American, Healthy

If you’re searching for fresh, local, and organic breakfast options, you can find ample choices at this wood-paneled venue on the first floor of the Shoreliner Hotel. As a bonus, you’ll get great value for your money. Enjoy your meal either indoors or at an outdoor table and tuck into menu items such as the Acai Bowl with Big Island Honey and Granola or the always delightful French Toast. Eggs Benedict is also a fabulous choice, and the variety is exceptional. They also have some great ice creams – perhaps not the traditional breakfast option, but who could resist flavors such as Kona Coffee or plain ole’ Vanilla.

8. Goofy Cafe & Dine

Price: $$- $$$

Type: Cafe, American, Healthy

Hawaii is famed for its surf scene – and that is the guiding theme at this excellent eaterie. It’s perfect for those who simply want to kick back and relax. And with breakfast menu items such as the ‘Kālua Pig Eggs Benedict’ to incredible French toast with dollops of Big Island Honey and lashings of whipped cream, you can enjoy relaxation and a fantastic breakfast. It’s also another Hawaiian dining destination that excels when it comes to offering a wide variety of eggs Benedict-inspired dishes. It also boasts a great cocktail menu with some excellent choices of mimosas. It’s worth mentioning that they also have some great ice cream choices too.

9. Orchids

Price: $$$$

Type: American, Contemporary, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian

The smell of local flowers permeates this dining destination. Combine that with great views of Diamond Head, and you have a recipe for an incredible breakfast experience. Orchids offers a variety of Continental, American, or Japanese-inspired breakfast dishes. If you want to experience something truly special, then put off breakfast until later in the day and pencil in the incredible Sunday brunch. The food is amazing, the service is impeccable, and the decor is elegant. If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Honolulu with a view, this is your answer

10. Cinnamon’s at the ‘Ilikai

Price: $$-$$$

Type: American, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian

This family-owned American-style eaterie has a breakfast menu that can only be described as eclectic. However, who says you shouldn’t have beef stew for breakfast? It offers an exceptional al fresco breakfast dining experience. If beef stew is perhaps not your favorite breakfast choice, then don’t worry; the menu is extensive. Along with the standard fare of eggs Benedict, omelets, and French toast, you can also enjoy nachos or frittata. Cinnamon’s features great patio seating as well.

11. The Barefoot Beach Cafe

Price: $

Type: American, Cafe, and Quick Bites

Outdoor dining in Hawaii is probably one of the best breakfast experiences in the world, and this restaurant takes that experience and elevates it to great heights. The relaxation potential is exceptional, thanks to the laid-back picnic table setup. They offer a different take on the breakfast classic with the Hawaiian Sweetbread French Toast. The Loco Moco with ‘Surfer’s Fried Rice’ is another popular choice. The view overlooking Queen’s Beach is incredible, and the Spiked Avo Toast and Sweet Milk Pancakes alone are worth the visit.


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12. ARS Cafe Gallery

Price: $

Type: Vegetarian, Cafe, and Quick Bites

Combine the highbrow with some of the best gourmet toasts on the island at this great venue. Not only can you enjoy their signature toast offerings, but you can also view some great local art. Fabulous coffee, hand-squeezed lemonade, and menu items such as the Salmon Toast Platter and the exceptional banana bread make it worth the visit.

13. Da Cove Health Bar and Cafe

Price: $

Type: Vegetarian, Healthy, and Cafe

If you want to enjoy a healthy morning meal, then Da Cove is only too happy to oblige. With a wide range of breakfast smoothies, fresh green salads, and some organic wraps, you’ll be filled with energy, and your body will thank you. The Chili Ahi Bun served on a fresh baguette is another incredible choice; it comes with tomato jam and tapenade and is simply delicious.

14. The Waikiki Beachside Kitchen

Price: $

Type: Quick Bites, American and Fast Food

*Note: This restaurant is currently closed and only offers catering at this time.

If you are on a budget – or simply want to enjoy delicious, good, honest food, then this venue has it all. It’s incredibly wallet-friendly. You name it, and it’s likely on the board above the counter. Everything from Loco Moco, fantastic pancakes, and egg and bacon muffins are all served at prices that are generally well below $10. By the way, if you have not tried Loco Moco before, try it, and you will thank us later. This is now one of our favorite breakfasts in Hawaii.

15. Tucker & Bevvy

Price: $

Type: Quick Bites, American and Cafe

Who says you can’t explore the wonders of the island with a ready-made breakfast picnic to start off your day? Not Tucker & Bevvy. They offer wonders such as the ‘dukkah-dusted avo toast’ and some incredible hot-pressed sandwiches. Or you can choose from a variety of culinary delights from their fridges. Don’t forget to choose from their extensive fresh juices and smoothies menu too. They also have some great breakfast bowls. You can find them at the Park Shore Hotel in Honolulu or The Hyatt Regency in Waikiki. This is gourmet picnic fare at its very best.

16. Cream Pot

Price: $$-$$$

Type: Vegetarian, American, and Cafe

Head to the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel for a great country-style breakfast. The crepes are delicious (the blueberry crepes are worthy of special mention), and the staple eggs Benedict is also well worth exploring. The European-style rolled omelets are also exceptional, and for the health-conscious, the fruit bowls are a delightful way to get the day started.

The Wrap Up

Honolulu is a cosmopolitan city with a unique Hawaiian flair when it comes to dining options. There is a breakfast venue to suit every taste (and wallet). Make sure to explore the dining opportunities to enjoy the best breakfast in Honolulu while enjoying one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet!


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