Korean Barbecue bowl with some chicken and veggies.

14 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Honolulu You Need to Try

Although popular, it’s not so easy to find Korean BBQ that’s truly reminiscent of authentic Seoul’s best. Honolulu does rise to the challenge and has many good Korean BBQ spots, but it takes a sharp sense to separate the good from the best Korean BBQ spots here.

Now that we’re serving you a list of some of Honolulu’s hottest Korean BBQ houses, try not to dine and dash. Despite the many eye-rolls and curled toes, I’ve peppered the article with a generous dose of puns and a few insider tips and know-how.

Although we primarily used TripAdvisor and Yelp for referencing the general ratings for these Korean barbecue spots, we also made sure that they have similar reviews on other reputable sites. On top of this “obvy” rigorous sourcing criteria, we’ve made sure only to add Korean meat houses of the highest quality.

1. Sura Hawaii

Hours Of Operation: Daily: Lunch 11am – 3pm, Dinner 5pm – 10:30pm, Happy Hour 10:30pm – 2am (1:30am Last Call)

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Location: 1726 Kapiolani Blvd #101, Honolulu

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Sura Hawaii

Sura offers an authentic Korean BBQ experience that naturally intersects with the Hawaiian way of life with inviting smiles. I am positive your conversation over the sizzle of your table’s grill will oil your heart in the best of ways.

Why we love this place: Situated opposite the stunning Hawaii Convention Center, Sura lies in the beating heart of Oahu. Although it took some time to familiarize myself with the new Sura Hawaii from the 678 Hawaii, the steam-punked-themed All You Can Eat Korean BBQ restaurant offers an experience to share. 

Tips for travelers: Booking your table in advance is essential, and enter Sura hungry and ready to finish your plates to avoid the tall clean-up fee.

2. Yummy Korean B-B-Q

Hours Of Operation: Daily: Mon-Sat: 10:30am – 8pm, Sun: 11am – 7pm

RATING: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Location: 1450 Ala Moana Blvd #1288, Honolulu

Price: $-$$

Website: Yummy Korean B-B-Q

Affordability and bona fide Korean BBQ flavor make a delicious rendezvous at Yummy Korean BBQ. The restaurant doesn’t have the aesthetic flair we’ve come to enjoy at other Korean spots, but on-point mains with perfect banchan titillates the palate.

Why we love this place: Yummy is unassuming, which makes it all the more spectacular when you are hit with large portions and fresh and flavorful meals. It’s a somewhat busy place, so be prepared for a wait. Avoid the noon lunch rush to reduce waiting time. 

3. Gen Korean BBQ House

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Sun: 10am – 10pm

RATING: 4.2 out of 5

Location: 1450 Ala Moana Blvd #4250, Honolulu

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Gen Korean BBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House offers a premium dining experience without forgetting the communal objective of Korean BBQ eating. My sated excitement is convinced that you’ll be pleased with both menu and restaurant manner.

Why we love this place: If you’re part of the indecisive family that dedicates the first half hour to peruse every menu item, then you’ll have a field day with Gen’s seemingly endless options seasoned with fresh meats and every other BBQ delicacy you can wish for. 

Tips for travelers: Psst! It gets pretty warm inside; come prepared so you don’t have to strip down. Also, the service is friendly, but it can get overwhelming and be a tad slow, especially after 6pm.

4. Mikawon & Vons Chicken

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Sat: 10:30am – 10pm

RATING: 4.0 out of 5

Location: 410 Nahua St, Honolulu

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Mikawon & Vons Chicken

The soy sauce-marinated kalbi hits your taste buds with forceful familiarity and authentic originality. Sorry, I didn’t mean to throw such a pretentious oxymoron your way, but the modest Mikawon deserves the praise.

Why we love this place: Everything from the bulgogi to their BBQ chicken is done well and has that classic Korean cuisine taste. The menu is also broad, with decent vegetarian options. You can also stretch your legs to go selfie at the Don Ho Statue after your meal.

5. Gina’s BBQ

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Sun: 10am – 9pm

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Location: 2919 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu

Price: $

Website: Gina’s BBQ

Gina’s BBQ has a loyal customer base for all the genuine and tasty reasons. This family-owned restaurant is one of Oahu’s best local Korean BBQ spots and has a warm, welcoming environment for all its customers. 

Why we love this place: Gina’s Korean BBQ doesn’t mess around much, and you can see that from just the color of their meats. This restaurant is also a cozy spot to enjoy with loved ones. The kalbi is too good to miss, so don’t pass it up!

6. O’Kims Korean Kitchen

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Thur: 11am – 8pm, Fri-Sat: 11am – 9 pm, Closed Sunday

RATING: 5 out of 5

Location: 1028 Nuuanu Ave, Honolulu

Price: $

Website: O’Kims Korean Kitchen

Fresh bibimbap with spicy chicken that you can actually taste some of the spicy. Fried dishes are culinary gold, and every bite has a heavenly crunch. The restaurant is humble and inviting in size and makes for memorable Friday evenings out.

Why we love this place: The location is in the midst of Chinatown, so it has plenty of happenings outside. O’Kims offers a holistic experience by helping eager patrons exercise patience with their limited seating. The crispy-edged pork belly also seems to be in a class of its own.

7. Topped Waikiki

Hours Of Operation: Sun-Thur: 10:30am – 10pm, Fri-Sat: 10:30am – 11pm

RATING: 4.6 out of 5

Location: 333 Royal Hawaiian Ave, Honolulu

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Topped Waikiki

From spicy braised pork to organic tofu, this colorful restaurant offers traditional cooking to modern eating. The outside dining experience at Topped Waikiki differs from your typical Korean BBQ joints.

Why we love this place: Topped Waikiki has a bright outside eating area with a simple but effective menu. Although you miss out on the experience of having your meat grilled at your table, you are a penny’s throw from Waikiki Beach. Keep your orders straightforward, and take your time eating.

8. New Shilawon Korean Restaurant

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Sat: 5pm – 10 pm, Closed Sun and Wed

RATING: 4.1 out of 5

Location: 747 Amana St, Honolulu

Price: $$

Beautifully marbled meat cuts and entrancing searing won’t fail to transport your entire being to the meat heavens, and that’s not just some obscure slang for welcomed cholesterol.

Why we love this place: The in-table grills offer a lovely feast for the eyes and produce some of the best yakiniku. The Ala Moana Regional Park is also around the corner, and there’s also Walmart a merry skip away for the fastidious.

9. So Gong Dong Soondubu

Hours Of Operation: Mon: Closed, Tues-Sun: 10:30am – 8:30pm

RATING: 4.0 out of 5

Location: 745 Ke’eaumoku St #105, Honolulu

Price: $$

Website: So Gong Dong Soondubu

If you are a lover of real sundubu-jjigae, this is the place to be. Their entire classic Korean cuisine offering is worth the dollar, and their famous tofu soups prove all the rave accurate. 

Why we love this place: The grilled meat is top-notch, even if it’s not their main attraction. The dinner rush is real, so plan accordingly if your tummy can’t stand the wait. Also, the chicken BBQ pays for itself.

10. Ja Gal Chi Restaurant

Hours Of Operation: Closed Wed, Daily: 9:30am – 10pm

RATING: 4.2 out of 5

Location: 1334 Young St, Honolulu

Price: $$

From the Korean-speaking staff to the tried-and-true dishes, Ja Ga Chi offers an immersive eating experience.

Why we love this place: Dishes come sizzling and boiling fresh, and their presentation is always Instagram apt. It’s a hole-in-the-wall find that deserves to be shared.

11. Seoul Tofu House 

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Thurs: 11am – 9pm, Fri-Sun: 11am – 9:30pm

RATING: 4 out of 5

Location: 2299 Kuhio Ave, Space C, Honolulu

Price: $$

This locally owned soondubu haven is situated right in the thick of things. The eating house itself is modest in size and snug. Their menu is primarily set around soondubu, but their meat cuts make visiting them necessary whenever you’re around the neighborhood. 

Why we love this place: Seoul Tofu House seems to get much flack with some people complaining about lack of flavor, but I’d stake my lunch that you’ll find many of the flavors under heaven from each savory-sweet galbi bite and spoonful of broth.

12. Yakiniku Seoul

Hours Of Operation: Daily: 11am – 9pm

RATING: 4.1 out of 5 

Location: CONTINENTAL BUILDING, 1521 S King St, Honolulu

Price: $$

When your specialty is in the name, you’ve got to bring it to put all those locked and loaded mouths at ease. Yakiniku Seoul brings it and some more because it’s not much of a stretch to crown them the best yakiniku on the island. This traditional eating carries the classic Korean flavor in an approachable dining experience.

Why we love this place: For the impassioned lot that likes to have their critic acknowledged, there’s little to call management over in Yakiniku Seoul. Their menu is as scrumptious as it is diverse. Plus, they seem confident in their insurance as there’s an option to roll up your sleeves and grill for yourself!

Tips for travelers: If you couldn’t part with your Fiat 500 Jolly for understandable reasons, there’s free parking off S King at the back of the building. 

13. Ginza Won Restaurant

Hours Of Operation: Daily: 11am – 11pm

RATING: 4 out of 5

Location: 2155 Lauula St #A, Honolulu

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Ginza Won Restaurant

If you want a tender and juicy marriage of quantity and quality during your dalliance in Waikiki Beach, Ginza Won should have no contest. Similar to the sides, the daeji bulgogi and kalbi on the meat set are trayed in portions that aren’t bashful.

Why we love this place: Every visit to Ginza Won always feels intimate without being stuffy, and you walk out with everything filled to the brim, from your stomach to that enigmatic and endless soul of yours. You’ll love the thought and intentionality that goes into every serving. 

14. YoonCy Korean BBQ

Hours Of Operation: Daily: 10:30am – 8:30pm

RATING: 4.3 out of 5

Location: 888 Kapahulu Ave #150, Honolulu

Price: $

Website: YoonCy Korean BBQ

YoonCy is where affordability meets kalbi short ribs with the most blessed kiss. This is the go-to joint for simple Korean barbeque that brings tradition to traditional fast food orders. Although attached to the Kapahulu Shopping Center, YoonCy has a very authentic Korean aunt and uncle local galbi restaurant.

Why we love this place: Similar to personal favorites like Itchy Butt, YoonCy has earned the spot as one of the best “fast food” Korean spots. They are a quick option to satisfy your Korean BBQ crazing in a single fell swoop. If you have spice tolerance, have a gander at their spicy vegetable soup options.

The Wrap-Up

So there you have it! These are our top 14 picks for the best Korean barbecue on Oahu. If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Korean barbecue experience, then any of these restaurants will not disappoint. Bon appetite!

Mahalo for reading our post!


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