A bowl of Japanese noodles with some sides

12 Best Japanese Restaurants in Honolulu You Shouldn’t Miss

Hawaii has a long list of fantastic local dishes to try. However, Hawaii also has a lot of excellent Japanese restaurants because of the significant Japanese presence during its occupation. Choosing the best Japanese restaurants can be tricky, as there are so many. Therefore, we have compiled this guide containing the best Japanese restaurants in Honolulu.

Some restaurants serve authentic Japanese cuisines, such as ramen and gyoza. In contrast, others serve a mixture of Japanese and Hawaiian delicacies. We have included the price range, location, operating hours, and Tripadvisor links for each restaurant so you can easily locate the best Japanese restaurant in Honolulu.

1. Goma Tei Ramen

  • Hours: Sun – Thurs, 11am-9pm; Fri – Sat, 11am-9:30pm
  • Location: 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu
  • Price: $

There are multiple Goma Tei Ramen shops in Honolulu, including one in Waikiki. Goma Tei Ramen specializes in Tan Tan Ramen and Shoyu Ramen. When choosing Tan Tan Ramen, you can decide on the spice level, depending on your preference.

Some delicious ramen bowls to try at Goma Tei Ramen include Sunho Ramen, Tonkatsu Tan Tan, Char Siu Tan Tan, and traditional Shoyu Ramen. Their noodles are cooked perfectly, and the sauce is well-balanced.

Of course, you can also get other Japanese foods, such as gyoza at Goma Tei Ramen. They also have delicious chicken teriyaki and authentic Japanese teas. Overall, Goma Tei Ramen is much more than just a ramen spot, and you should undoubtedly attempt to visit it if you are in Honolulu.

2. Ramen Nakamura

  • Hours: 11am-10:45pm daily
  • Location: 2141 Kalakaua Avenue #1, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Ramen Nakamura is a tiny ramen shop located in Waikiki. They have limited seating, and due to their popularity, the line can get pretty long. However, what’s excellent about Ramen Nakamura is that you can order a combo with your ramen, and they have various other Japanese dishes to try, such as delicious Pork Gyoza and Kimchi Fried Rice.

Ramen Nakamura is famous for its Oxtail Ramen. Here, other ramen dishes are Kimchee Miso Ramen, Spicy Ramen, Hakata Ramen, and Tomato Ramen. Try to go early to ensure you get a seat to try some of their delicious ramen.

3. Morimoto Asia Waikiki

  • Hours: Weds – Sun, 5-9PM; Closed Monday and Tuesday
  • Location: 2490 Kalakaua Avenue, ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Morimoto Asia in Waikiki is a trendy spot to eat some delicious Japanese dishes. Some of their best sellers include Spicy Crispy Tuna Rice, BBQ Black Cod, Wagyu Steak, and Gyoza. Morimoto has so many delicious dishes to choose from that you cannot simply eat one.

Many people who go to Morimoto Asia prefer to eat family-style, ordering several appetizers for the table. They serve smaller than average dishes, so it is recommended to buy several for sharing around the table.

4. Momosan Waikiki

  • Hours: 8-10am and 11am-9pm daily
  • Location: 2490 Kalakaua Avenue, ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Momosan is a chain restaurant owned by master chef Morimoto and is located in Waikiki. This Japanese ramen restaurant serves a variety of interesting and mouthwatering ramen, such as Spicy Tan Tan Ramen, Tonkatsu Ramen, and Tsukemen Ramen.

Another great option at Momosan is the Spicy Dan Dan Ramen, which isn’t served with a soup but with chili oil on top of the noodles. Momosan also serves various other Japanese-style dishes to try, including Sticky Ribs, Pork Gyoza, and Popcorn Shrimp. Don’t forget to order your favorite Japanese drink too when you visit Momosan!

5. Maguro Brothers Hawaii

  • Hours: 9am-2:30pm daily
  • Location: 1120 Maunakea Street, Maunakea Food Court, Honolulu
  • Price: $

Maguro Brothers first opened in Chinatown, Hawaii but has since opened another store near Waikiki. The brothers, Ryojiro and Junichiro Tsuchiya, carefully break down the fish in front of their customers. Maguro Brothers not only serves Sushi but also other Japanese dishes, such as Grilled Hamachi Kama.

They offer fresh and delicious poke bowls, fresh sashimi platters, and donburi (king salmon sashimi served on rice). While Maguro Brothers can be tough to find as you need to navigate either Chinatown or Waikiki’s backstreets, the search is well worth the effort for their exceptional knife skills and delicious food. 

If you are looking for the best poke or best seafood spots on the island, Maguro Brothers is where you need to be.

6. Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

  • Hours: 5:30-9:30pm daily
  • Location: 2552 Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Sansei Seafood & Sushi Bar is located in the beautiful Marriott Resort & Spa on Waikiki Beach, meaning that you’ll have a breathtaking view while enjoying your food. Sansei specializes in seafood dishes made with locally caught fish. They are also famous for their sushi and Japanese fusion food. You should try their Dragonfly Roll, 69 Roll, and Spicy Sansei Edamame.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant offers a massive list of appetizers, making it tempting to order a few of them instead of one large meal. The Crispy Calamari, Lobster, Crab Ravioli, and Mango Crab Rolls also come highly recommended. You can also order from a set five-course menu, which gives you a variety of sushi and other Japanese dishes.

7. Mitch’s Fish Market & Sushi Bar

  • Hours: 11:30am-8pm daily
  • Location: 524 Ohohia Street, Honolulu
  • Price: $$$

Mitch’s Fish Market also offers a wide variety of seafood and sushi made from the freshest locally caught fish. Their must-try sushi items include Unagi, Hamachi, and Chutoro. In addition, you should try the live abalone, lobster, and clam dish from their seafood menu. The clam is served chopped up in its shell with a delicious mayonnaise sauce and mushrooms.

Mitch’s Fish Market also serves fresh Ahi Shuyo Poke. The Sweet Shrimp and Toro also come highly recommended. This is a unique Japanese food experience and is suitable for those who want an uncomplicated, yet delicious meal.

8. Yoshitsune

  • Hours: 11am-2pm and 5:30-10pm daily
  • Location: 2586 Kalakaua Avenue, Park Shore Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Yoshitsune serves sushi and traditional Japanese food in a beautiful, semi-formal setting. You should definitely try the Butterfish, Sashimi Plate, and Tempura Plate.

You might also try the Unagi and Miso Soup here. Overall, they offer excellent service and a pleasant experience when you visit. Yoshitsune also has set menus for you to try that include several exciting items, such as Abalone Sashimi.

9. Ginza Bairin Tonkotsu & Yoshoku Bistro

  • Hours: 11am-8:30pm daily
  • Location: 255 Beach Walk, Regency on Beachwalk Waikiki by Outrigger, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Ginza Bairin is located on Beach Walk and serves a combination of traditional Japanese and Japanese fusion dishes. Make a reservation before going, as Ginza Bairin is a small restaurant that fills up quickly.

In terms of their food, the Chicken Katsu, Beef Teriyaki, Butterfish, and Teishoku Vegetables are some of the most popular dishes to try. To complete your Japanese meal, don’t forget to order some Toro (belly side of tuna). The toro is delicious when served with rice. You can also enjoy a variety of authentic Japanese drinks, such as sake.

10. Izakaya Torae Torae

  • Hours: Weds – Mon, 6-11:30pm; Closed Tuesday
  • Location: 1111 McCully Street, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Izakaya Torae Torae is the perfect spot to try some traditional Japanese and Japanese fusion dishes. They offer various small plates, allowing you to taste a bit of everything. They also have deliciously prepared sushi. The Ahi Tatiki, Hamachi Carpaccio, and Snapper Carpaccio also come highly recommended.

Dishes to try from the traditional Japanese cuisine are the Vegetable and Shrimp Tempura and the Signature Pork Belly Kakuni. In addition, you can enjoy things like Green Tea Gelato and Truffle Edamame from the Japanese fusion side. As Izakaya Torae Torae you can enjoy the best of both worlds, with a mixture of authentic Japanese and interesting Japanese fusion food.

11. Sakura Terrace

  • Hours: Tues, Weds, Thurs, and Sun, 11am-2pm and 5-9pm; Fri and Sat, 11am-2pm and 5-10pm; Closed Monday
  • Location: 1240 S King Street, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Sakura Terrace is another great Japanese restaurant in Honolulu and offers a variety of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. While parking is limited, Sakura Terrace is definitely worth a stop if you crave Japanese cuisine in Honolulu.

They have bento boxes, Carpaccio, and Chirashi on offer, as well as their delicious tempura options. You should also try the Sashimi Ika with Natto and Quail Eggs, and the Nebatro. In addition, Sakura Terrace also makes delicious Chicken Nanban with various side dishes.

Nanban is a type of Japanese takeaway, similar to a bento box, that you can enjoy at home. It usually comes with a variety of foods, such as protein, salads, and rice.

12. Japanese Restaurant Aki

  • Hours: Mon, Weds, Thurs, Sun, 11:30am-2pm and 4-10pm; Fri and Sat, 11:30am-2pm and 4-10:30pm; Closed on Tuesday
  • Location: 1137 11th Avenue, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Japanese Restaurant Aki is an excellent option if you want a bit of a break from the traditional Hawaiian-style seafood but still want to enjoy locally caught seafood. Some dishes to try at Japanese Restaurant Aki are Fried Oysters, Softshell Crab, Sushi and Sashimi, and Yakitori.

The Yakitori is served with various side dishes, and many people recommend the chicken Yakitori. In addition to delicious food and high-quality sushi, Japanese Restaurant Aki also serves authentic Japanese alcoholic drinks at the bar. You can get various types of Japanese drinks, such as sake and authentic Japanese beer to enjoy with your meal.

13. Furusato Sushi

  • Hours: 11:30am-10pm daily
  • Location: 2424 Kalakaua Avenue, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa, Honolulu
  • Price: $$

Furusato Sushi offers some of the best sushi in Honolulu and possibly in all of Hawaii. It is, therefore, essential to make a reservation before going or arrive early to ensure you get a seat.

Try the Diamond Head Roll, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, and Omega rolls when you visit. If you like eel, the Dragon Roll is fantastic. If you don’t like sushi, the Udon Soup is one of their best-sellers. You can also order sushi and other food sets, such as the Nigiri and Soba noodle set.