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The Top 5 Hawaiian Children’s Books

If you are looking for Hawaiian books to read to your children, or if you want to teach your kids about the Hawaiian culture, this list is for you!

There are thousands of children’s books out there, and it can be hard to find the right ones that will entertain kids while also teaching them something new.

We’ve created a guide with our top 5 picks for Hawaiian-themed children’s books. From picture books about the Aloha spirit to colorful stories about locally grown foods, these stories capture the spirit of Aloha!

We’ve done our research and selected what we believe are the best children’s books about Hawaii.

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In no particular order, below are the top five Hawaiian children’s books we recommend: These are all perfect gifts for Hawaii lovers.

  1. Ohana Means Family
  2. Aloha is…
  3. Too Many Mangos
  4. A is for Aloha: A Hawai’i Alphabet
  5. Kai Goes to the Farmers Market in Hawaii

How did we come up with this list? It took hours of research, gathering consumer feedback, and personal reviews. We compared several online bookstores, magazines, and websites and compared them to our own experience.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Top 5 Hawaiian Books for Kids

Ohana Means Family

Author: Ilima Loomis

Publisher: Neal Porter Books

Reading Age: 3 – 7 years

Item Weight: ‎15.6 ounces

Dimensions: ‎10.4 x 0.34 x 10.36 inches

Ohana Means Family is a children’s book about celebrating Hawaiian land, culture and traditions, and appreciating nature.

The story is written in a cumulative style (similar to The House That Jack Built) as they farm taro to make poi to prepare for a traditional luau celebration.

The story talks about how the family comes together for food and celebration. The author uses many Hawaiian words and includes a glossary at the back of the book explaining what everything means. This book is highly recommended to every member of your Ohana.

Why We Love This Book:

Learn Hawaiian History: This book teaches kids about Hawaiian history from a child’s point of view. Children will relate to the excitement of special preparations, food, and festivities within the family home on important occasions like birthdays or luaus.

Perfect Illustration: The illustrations are colorful and fun and offer many details, and it will keep children engaged as you read the book to them.

Celebrating Family: The story is about a family celebrating togetherness, which helps teach your kids the importance of family and tradition.

Glossary: The book includes a glossary in the back that explains the meanings of the Hawaiian words used. Also, the book includes a page in the back that explains poi.


Pronunciation guide not included: Some consumers mentioned that It would have been good to have some sort of pronunciation guide for the Hawaiian words.

Aloha is

Author: Tammy Paikai

Illustrated By: Rosalie Prussing

Publisher: Island Heritage Publishing

Reading Age: 2 – 7 years

Item Weight: ‎8.8 ounces

Aloha is.. is a children’s picture book about the various meanings of Aloha. This book will give the reader a delightful look into what it means to live in Aloha each day.

Different words describe how you can be Aloha. It will teach children the Aloha spirit with warm and captivating illustrations, fun rhymes, and engaging story. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or too along the way as well!

Why We Love This Book:

Teaches Aloha: It teaches children the different ways to show Aloha through good deeds, words of wisdom, and much more. Talks about many words of Aloha: We all know what it means to say “Aloha,” but there is so much more you can do to be Aloha.

Perfect Illustration: The artwork is vibrant with great colors to keep your child engaged throughout the book. Great for teaching about Hawaii.


❌A little short and simple: some consumers mentioned that the book is simple and brief; however, the overall consensus was good.

Too Many Mangos

Author: Tammy Paikai

Illustrated By: Don Robinson 

Publisher: Island Heritage Publishing

Reading age‏: ‎3 – 8 years

Item Weight: 13.6 ounces

Dimensions: 9.25 x 0.25 x 10 inches

Too Many Mangos is the story of two young Hawaiians, Kama and Nani, who help their grandpa pick mangos from their giant mango tree.

They pick too many mangos, and their grandpa teaches them to share with family and friends. Along the way, they learn how to share and also meet their neighbors.

Why We Love This Book:

Teaches Generosity: This story teaches your child the importance of generosity and sharing with others.

Perfect Illustration: The pictures are colorful and fun, with excellent illustrations making it more engaging to read to your child. It makes learning about Hawaii enjoyable for children.


❌Minor Grammer Errors: some consumers mentioned a few grammar errors; the author changes verb tense in some parts of the story.

A is for Aloha: A Hawai’i Alphabet

Author: U’ilani Goldsberry

Illustrated By: Tammy Yee

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

Reading age: 2 – 8 years

Item Weight: 1.02 ounces

Dimensions: 9 x 1 x 11 inches

A is for Aloha is a fun book that features the alphabet while also learning about the Hawaiian culture.

This book showcases the beauty of Hawaii on every page with colorful pictures, and it is perfect for children who are learning the alphabet!

Why We Love This Book:

Beautiful Illustrations: The illustrations are very colorful and engaging, keeping your child’s attention throughout the story.

Teaches Hawaiian Culture: Perfect for teaching children the Hawaiian culture- This book is a great way to teach your child about Hawaii by introducing them to different Hawaiian words, food, clothing, and more.


Issues with reading the electronic version: A few consumers mentioned that they had issues reading the electronic version of the book. They noted that they couldn’t read the non-fiction portions of the book when they read it on their kindle.

Kai Goes to the Farmers Market in Hawaii

Author: Catherine Toth Fox

Illustrated by: Mariko Merritt 

Publisher: BeachHouse Publishing

Reading Age: 6 – 8 years

Item Weight: 12 oz.

Dimensions: ‏8.25 x 0.25 x 9.25 inches

Kai Goes to the Farmers Market in Hawaii is a fun story about a young boy who wakes up hungry only to find out that there is no food in the house. His mom then takes him to the farmer’s market, where they see a lot of fruits and vegetables.

When they get there, Kai is very surprised to learn that everything is grown in Hawaii. He is very excited to try all the different fruits and vegetables they found at the farmer’s market. Kai learns about the health benefits of eating locally grown produce.

What We Love This Book:

Great Discussion about local foods: This book teaches kids about the local produce grown in Hawaii. It is packed with great information that will inspire your child to eat healthier.

Perfect Illustrations: The illustrations are fun and colorful, making it more enjoyable for children to read the story. The pictures also add a lot of value to the storyline, including details that would have otherwise been left out in this story.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hawaiian Book for Your Kids

(1) The book’s size: Parents need to consider the size of a book when choosing a book for their kids. Books with larger dimensions are harder for children to hold and turn the pages.

Look for books that will be easy for your child to lift and turn through the pages, especially if they have difficulties doing so.

(2) The Illustrations in the book: Parents need to consider the illustrations in a book when choosing one for their kids. Great pictures are engaging and capture your child’s attention while also teaching them new things.

(3) The book’s storyline: Look for books that have engaging stories with some sort of moral lesson within them. It is important to choose stories that will keep your child’s attention while teaching them something new.

(4) The child’s reading level: Parents need to consider the reading level when choosing one for their kids. Look for books that are simple enough for your child to understand and have some educational value.

It is best to choose books that will teach children new things, even if they are learning about something simple like the alphabet.

The Wrap Up: The Top Five Hawaiian Children’s Books

There you have it, our top five Hawaiian children’s books. Looking at all these products, we saw that each book has its own unique age group and specific topics that are discussed.

Getting a Hawaiian children’s book will help your child learn more about the culture and teach them some great morals and values along the way.

Each product delivers on teaching young children about Hawaii and provides enough entertainment to captivate young minds.

If you want to make learning fun for your child, take a look at these Hawaiian children’s books today!

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