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Hawaii in July: Everything You Need to Know About Weather, Events, Costs, and More

Hawaii is one of the most popular and best vacation spots in the world, and July is a particularly great season for exploring all it has to offer. Now, you might be wondering what makes July a good time of year to travel to Hawaii and what you must know before doing so.

The best time for visiting Hawaii is when the weather is sunny with very minimal chance for rain, the water temperature is warm, and there are some events to attend. Therefore, as July has excellent weather and many fun activities, it is one of the perfect times to visit Hawaii. On the flip side, July is considered peak season, as many people flock to Hawaii during the summer holiday.

Below we’ll go over some things you need to know when planning a trip to Hawaii in July.

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July Weather in Hawaii

If you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, you’re likely wondering what the weather will be like during your stay. With July being smack dab in the middle of Hawaii’s summer and dry season, you can expect mostly clear skies and beautiful, sunny weather. The weather is perfect for going to the beach and spending time outdoors.

July has very little rainfall. Based on recent weather studies, the rainfall in Hawaii in July is the second-lowest. Only June has less rainfall.

Average Temperatures

July’s temperatures range between 74 – 88°F. These temperatures are ideal for the outdoors. Therefore, regardless of which area you visit in Hawaii, you can expect splendid weather.

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Waimea Canyon Kauai

Water Temperatures

The average water temperature in July is 79°F. The water has begun to heat up after the winter months, resulting in these ideal water temperatures.

This temperature is perfect for watersports such as surfing, swimming, and kayaking. You won’t need a wetsuit, and can comfortably spend plenty of time in the water.

Ocean Conditions

In addition to the water temperature, Hawaii also has the perfect ocean conditions for swimming and surfing in July. While the winter brings about heavier swells, July offers ideal ocean conditions for beginner surfers and swimmers.

Experienced surfers can head to the southern shores of Hawaii for more intense surf, while the north shore offers perfect surfing conditions for beginners.

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Poipu Beach Kauai

Cost To Visit Hawaii In July

Of course, when planning a trip to Hawaii, you must consider the expenses as well. A trip to Hawaii can differ significantly in cost, depending on when you plan to go. The main costs to consider when traveling to Hawaii is airfare, lodging, and car rental fees.

Because July is a popular month to visit Hawaii, airplane tickets and accommodations are quite expensive; you can expect to pay more for airfare and lodging during this time.

In addition, July 4th celebrations draw many people to Hawaii, as does the school summer break. This means that more Americans travel to Hawaii, further increasing the prices of plane tickets and accommodations.

1. Airfare

When considering airfare, you have to account for where you are flying from and where you are flying to. The airline you use and stopovers will also influence the price. In addition, the type of plane ticket (economy, business class, or first class) will also affect the price you pay.

Round-trip flights out of the US will range from $400 – $2,000+, depending on where you’re flying out from.

2. Accommodations

Accommodation prices will increase for the summer period, just as airfares will. Where in Hawaii you want to stay will have a significant influence on the cost of the hotel. Other aspects that influence lodging prices are:

  • Amenities
  • Room type (standard or luxury)
  • Proximity to the beach or tourist attractions
  • The type of accommodation. For example, do you prefer to stay in a 5-star hotel or a self-catering unit?

In July, the average Hawaiian hotel fare for a standard hotel will be around $300 per night. This is significantly more expensive than the annual average rate, which is $250 per night. However, it is still cheaper than Hawaiian hotel rates during Christmas, reaching upwards of $410 per night.                                                       

3. Car Rental

Renting a car has always been an expensive endeavor in Hawaii. There has also always been a shortage of car rentals in Hawaii, and this problem has increased in recent years. Therefore, you can expect to pay over $120 per day to rent a car in Hawaii.

Of course, the type of car you want to rent influences the price. The biggest contributor to car rental prices, however, is the demand. July attracts many visitors to the state. As a result, car rental establishments can increase their prices to improve profit margins.

Because there is a big demand for car rentals in Hawaii during the holiday periods, you are advised to book your car rental in advance to ensure you get a car and to secure the vehicle for a more affordable price.

4. Other Costs

The above are the three biggest expenses you will have when traveling to Hawaii. However, you must also budget for food, entertainment, and souvenirs. The amount of money you need per day for a Hawaiian holiday in July depends on your spending habits and location. However, it is recommended that you budget at least $250 per day.

People relaxing at Sandy Beach Park in Oahu with perfect white sand beach and blue water
Sandy Beach Park Oahu

Best Times To Book Your July Vacation In Hawaii

You may have noticed that we already mentioned booking things such as plane tickets, accommodations, and car rentals ahead of time. Doing so will ensure you have a place to stay, a flight ticket, and a  car to rent once in Hawaii. Furthermore, it will also increase your chances of getting these bookings for a lower price.

This is true for everything in Hawaii. Because many people visit Hawaii in July, you will have to book as many things as possible in advance. So, when should you book your July Hawaii vacation?

To ensure you get accommodations and plane tickets to Hawaii, it’s recommended to make your bookings forty to fifty days before departing. This timeframe is described as the “golden period” by airlines because it is when you are likely to find the cheapest tickets.

You might want to book your accommodations and car rental a bit earlier than this to be on the safe side. However, remember that July is one of the more popular months to visit Hawaii. You might have trouble finding suitable accommodations if you wait until just before the trip.

You are also recommended to book any activities you would like to do well in advance to ensure they’re not already fully booked. This includes surfing lessons, aquarium visits, luaus, and any other trips or activities that have a maximum capacity of people it can accommodate at once.

Don’t forget to book a table at your favorite restaurant in advance, too. Because Hawaii is so busy in July, you might have trouble finding a table if you aren’t prepared.

Me at Koala Regional Park in Oahu overlooking Chinamans hat
koala Regional Park Oahu

Is July Crowded in Hawaii?

July is among the busiest months in Hawaii. One of the top three times to visit Hawaii is during the July school holiday. Then, in early July, most crowds flock to Hawaii to attend July 4th celebrations. In 2021, Hawaii saw 879,551 tourists arrive on the island in July. While this figure is not as prominent as it was pre-pandemic, it is still a considerable number of people to visit a state at once.

Therefore, you can expect some crowds in Hawaii during the July summer holiday. However, previous travelers reported not feeling crowded when they visited Hawaii in July. This is because Hawaii has so much to offer regarding attractions and tourist destinations that the crowds entering Hawaii have many areas to cover.

Regardless, you cannot visit Hawaii in July and expect to be alone on a hiking trip or the only one in the water for an early morning surf. Hawaii is bustling in July, making it ever-more important to plan ahead for a trip during this time.

July Events

In addition to the school holiday drawing tourists to Hawaii, several events also attract visitors. Here are a few events and activities to look forward to, based on location:

1. Oahu Events

  • Evening Luau at Paradise Cove
  • Ala Moana Center’s annual July 4th celebration
  • Fireworks show at Kailua Beach Park on July 4th

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2. Big Island Events

  • Parker Ranch Rodeo and Horse Races on July 4th
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park- Experience Volcano Festival
  • Volcano’s Ohi’a Lehua Half Marathon

3. Maui Events

  • Makawao Stampede
  • Lahaina 4th of July fireworks show

4. Kauai Events

  • Concert In The Sky Fireworks July 4th
  • Koloa Plantation Days Festival

5. Lanai Events In July

  1. Pineapple Festival

Apart from these specific events, there are also weekly and monthly activities in each area.

Water Activities

As mentioned before, Hawaii has excellent ocean conditions for various water activities in July. Some of the best water activities are:

  1. Stand-up Paddleboarding
  2. Surfing
  3. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
  4. Fishing
  5. Kayaking And Canoeing

You can do these activities as part of a guided group or by yourself. However, be sure to book any activities you want to do with a guide in advance.

Outdoor Activities

Hawaii has beautiful scenery, and the outdoors are certainly worth exploring and appreciating when you visit. Because the weather is so lovely in July, these are some outdoor activities you can definitely consider trying:

  1. Hiking
  2. Horse riding
  3. Bike riding
  4. Riding an ATV
  5. Ziplining
  6. Golfing

Other Activities Worth Mentioning

There are also several other things to do and see in Hawaii, especially in July. According to TripAdvisor, here are some top picks to do when you visit Hawaii in July:

  1. Go for a helicopter ride
  2. Enjoy a sunset cruise on one of the chartered boats
  3. Snorkel with the manta rays at night
  4. Watch a traditional Hawaiian dance performance
  5. Visit the Pearl Harbor
  6. Go shark cage diving
  7. Swim with dolphins

These activities aren’t only available in July but can be enjoyed throughout the year.


Below are some common frequently asked questions:

1. Is it better to visit Hawaii in July or August?

You really can’t go wrong with either of these months, as the weather will be amazing the rainfall at a minimum. July will be slightly more crowded though, particularly around Independence Day.

2. Is July a good time to go to Hawaii?

July is a great time to go to Hawaii because the weather is very nice and the ocean temperatures are warm. The only downsides are that there will be more tourists this time of year, and flights and lodging will be more expensive.

3. When is it the cheapest to go to Hawaii?

The cheapest month to go to Hawaii is between February and March. These months fall outside of Hawaii’s high season, and therefore airline tickets and accommodations are more affordable.

The Wrap Up

With Hawaii’s amazing weather and lack of significant rainfall in July, it’s very enticing to book a trip during this time of year. If you can get past the higher flight/lodging prices and higher volume of tourists, you’ll come to realize it’s really easy to put any worries aside when spending time on the magical islands of Hawaii.

Overall, July is a fantastic time to visit Hawaii and we doubt you’ll be disappointed. Mahalo for reading our post. Until next time, Aloha!

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