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110 Hawaii Instagram Captions You Need on Your Feed

Whether you are currently on a trip to Hawaii or you have just arrived back home from your glorious vacation, you are undoubtedly looking for captions for your photos to stick on Instagram. Or perhaps you are lucky enough to live there and constantly take pictures that you want to share with the world. Either way, you’ll want the best Hawaii captions possible to compliment your post!

We have a list of our top five favorite Hawaii captions for Instagram, but there are plenty more where these came from:

  1. Hawaii days, Hawaii ways
  2. Alexa, plan me a trip to Hawaii
  3. Snorkeling in Hawaii, need I say more?
  4. Hawaii advice: seas the day, baby!
  5. Hawaii had me at Aloha

When one goes through their pictures of vacations or simply photos you took with you, friends, and family while in Hawaii, you likely have immensely fond memories come to mind. Now you wish to share these memories with your followers on Instagram to let them know all about the wonders of this gorgeous island, so let us dive right into the best list of Hawaii captions for the gram.

Scrutinizing Your Hawaii Pictures And Finding The Right Caption

When you are making memories on your vacation in Hawaii, you more than likely are standing with your phone or camera in hand and are ready to capture those perfect moments. However, once you get home, you are left with a mass of photos to sift through. But first, you need to choose which to share, and then the follow-up job is to caption them.

The picture is one thing, but the way you tag it and caption it is paramount. While you scroll through Instagram, you will see exquisite photos of people on their trips. Many have great captions to go with them, but sometimes they need a little inspiration, just like you. So don’t be afraid to steal our ideas for captions and use them as your own.

We have racked our brains to compile the best possible captions for you to add to your unique images from your current or latest trip to Hawaii. Be sure to skim through as many as possible because some will genuinely help your post stand out from the crowd. So have your pictures ready and see which captions best suit them.

The list below is vast, and therefore we have broken it up into sections and categories; for each one, we give you a little explainer and why you ought to use them in particular for specific images. You may not use any of ours, but perhaps our ideas will get your creative juices flowing so that you will be able to come up with your own unique and exciting captions for your posts. So let’s get started!

General Hawaii Captions For Instagram

These captions are more generalized and can be added to just about any photos taken in Hawaii. You can use them at restaurants, at spectacular tourist attractions, at the airport (arriving or departing), and at just about any other moment you think fits best.

  1. My body might be here, but my heart is still in Hawaii
  2. I would totes rather be in Hawaii
  3. Ohana means family, and I found mine in Hawaii
  4. Living that best Hawaii life
  5. Hawaii had me at Aloha
  6. If only all the world were like Hawaii
  7. Hawaii calls my soul
  8. Hawaii is my happy place
  9. Alexa, plan me a trip to Hawaii
  10. Another day spent in paradise, aka Hawaii
  11. Happiness cannot be bought, but a ticket to Hawaii can, which is just as good
  12. Got that Hawaii state of mind right about now
  13. I fell in love with Hawaii
  14. Go to Hawaii… check
  15. Flowers around my neck, in Hawaii… check
  16. If you hope to find me, I’ll be in Hawaii
  17. Living on that Hawaii island time
  18. Life is better when you do it Hawaii style
  19. Sunsets and ohana, what more could one ask for?
  20. There’s no such thing as too much Hawaii
  21. Aloha from paradise
  22. Hawaii days, Hawaii ways
  23. Gone coconuts in Hawaii
  24. I’m a pineapple: I stand tall, wear my crown, and best of all, I’m sweet inside
  25. Picture it… Hawaii style
  26. I do love me some Hawaiian style fashion
  27. Aloha from the best place on Earth
  28. Hawaii is a paradise, born of fire
  29. I am heading to Hawaii, and the chances of wanting to return home… zero
  30. A trip to Hawaii can make all your problems disappear

Adventurous Captions For Hawaii Instagram Pictures

If you’re doing more than soaking up the sun and enjoying the local culture and atmosphere and perhaps engaging in surfing, snorkeling, hiking, ziplining, and other great experiences in Hawaii, below are the captions for you to use.

31. I’m one for adventure, and what a fantastic one I’ve had in Hawaii

32. You cannot stop the waves from coming, but you can learn how to surf

33. Long, smooth, elegant waves are all part of getting on the board and learning to surf

34. Gear packed and ready to see what hiking adventures await in Hawaii

35. Out of all of my adventures, Hawaii has been the best

36. Haleakala has shown me how beautiful the world truly is

37. Mountain views in Hawaii are hard to reach, but once there, you soak in every moment

38. I left the drama at home and tackled the waves in Hawaii instead

39. Surfs up in Hawaii

40. Snorkeling in Hawaii, need I say more?

41. In Hawaii, the sea will set you free

42. The hike was long and challenging, but oh, how the view was worth it

43. Just another day at the office – adventuring in Hawaii

44. Peace, Love, and the Surf of Hawaii

The Best Hawaii Captions For When You Are At The Beach For Instagram

Below you will find exciting captions explicitly tailored for when you are soaking up the magnificent Hawaii sun on its gorgeous beaches. Take your photos, and do not forget to steal an idea or two from this list to add to the glamour of your Hawaii beach photos.

45. Sunburned or not, you’ll catch me on the beach

46. Salt in the air and Hawaii sand in my hair

47. Waikiki is where you’ll find me at

48. Eat. Beach. Maybe Sleep. And Repeat

49. I’m no beach gurl, but in Hawaii, you bet that’s where I’ll be

50. Life directs you on different paths… mine has led me to the beach

51. Soaking up that vitamin Sea

52. Cast your worries aside and beach happy

53. You, me, and the crystal-blue sea

54. In Hawaii, it’s all about making some waves

55. Catch me down at the surf

56. The ocean calls to me, and I must answer

57. Hawaii advice: seas the day, baby!

58. Hawaii life is a beach – the best kind

59. I hope the Hawaii sun follows me home

60. Hawaii beaches are the best places for shore

The Best Instagram Captions For Hawaii Beach Sunsets

There are undoubtedly many beautiful and splendorous things in life. Still, not many of them come quite close to perfection as a sunset in Hawaii, especially if you are sitting, drink in hand with a bunch of incredible people. Therefore, we have the best options to use as captions for your Hawaii sunset moments.

61. Palm trees and sunsets, absolute bliss

62. Every sunset beckons the night and with it a glorious sunrise

63. Sunsets like this are what dreams are made of

64. You will never see a Hawaii sunset that you do not like

65. Such an exquisite way to end the day and the paradise that is Hawaii

66. Find me where the skies touch the sea and make magical paintings

67. I’m no expert on sunsets, but this has to be one of the best yet

68. The sun is setting on Hawaii, and I don’t want to go home

69. All you need is ohana and sunsets

70. I’ll choose a sunset over Netflix any day

71. There is something otherworldly about the sunsets of Hawaii

72. The only thing better than Hawaii is Hawaii with a sunset

Bikini Based Captions For Hawaii Instagram Pictures

If you are at the beach or are soaking in the rays poolside at any one of the incredible resorts in Hawaii, you might want to look at some of the captions we have on offer for your use below. These focus primarily on swimsuit shots and make for cute Hawaii captions that will enable you to feel confident about your bikini shots.

73. The tan might fade, but my Hawaii memories will last a lifetime

74. Life is short. Enjoy your best life by flaunting bikini pics

75. Hawaii is even better in a bikini

76. I’m no model, but with Hawaii as my backdrop, I could be

77. Believe it or not, there are mermaids in Hawaii. I’m proof of that

78. If a bikini is required, count me in

79. This is my beach body, and Hawaii welcomes it

80. Packing for Hawaii – bikini? Check

81. New bikini just for Hawaii, living my best life on this vacay

82. I’m more of a one-piece kind of gal, but when in Hawaii…

83. A prime bikini might not solve your problems, but it’s worth a shot

84. Gorgeous sun rays. Palm tree. A cocktail. And most importantly, a bikini

85. What do you think about my new bikini kind of life?

Hawaii Instagram Captions For Tropical Drinks

One of the many things that people envision when they think about relaxing in the splendorous Hawaii setting is the tropical drinks and cocktails that they will enjoy while gazing out at the beach and spectacular ocean. So below, you will find captions devoted to just these such moments, which will aid in perfecting your post regarding your choice of drink.

86. You see a coconut, and I see a potential drink holder!

87. Mai Tai interest you in an exotic drink?

88. Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?

89. When in Hawaii, it is Mai Tai(m)

90. Save water and have a cocktail instead

91. Hawaii, with its tropical drinks, what more could you ask for?

92. Anywhere is better with a tropical drink in hand, even Hawaii

93. Dreaming of more moments spent in Hawaii as I sip on my tropical cocktail

94. When life hands you a lousy hand, go to Hawaii and drink cocktails at sunset

95. It cannot always be sunshine and cocktails, but for me, it is – loving life

96. With Hawaii sunsets comes an array of cocktails and so much more

97. So there’s an umbrella in my drink. Guess what that means?

98. A pineapple a day keeps worries at bay, and I like it more when blended with coconut and rum

Hawaii Breakfast Captions For Instagram

If you want to leave your fans and those back at home jealous of your trip, just show them the incredible food you are having for any of your meals in Hawaii. The best way to commence your day is with a cute breakfast picture and end it off nicely with your dinner dining experience.

99. A tropical breakfast is a terrific start to the day.

100. Sunshine, sandy beaches, crashing waves, and the best breakfast one could ask for

101. Apples keep the doctor at bay; however, pineapples, well, they make your worries disappear.

102. If you want exciting and exotic food, you’ll need to come to Hawaii

103. Just saying, this breakfast is the way to start the day in Hawaii

104. I find my happiness in the food from Hawaii

105. Enjoying a delicious breakfast is all part of the Hawaii experience

106. Life is too short not to try new foods from Hawaii

107. I know what you’re thinking, “How could food look so good?”

108. This food is a Hawaiian thing.

109. Hawaii has so much on offer, and one of them is the exquisite food

110. Mouthwatering food brought to you by Hawaii


So we have covered several possible captions that you are free to use for your Instagram images, but now you may have some nagging questions about the matter, so let us look at some of the frequently asked questions.

How Do I Find The Right Caption For My Instagram Post?

The first thing you need to surmise is what the picture is of and what you hope to convey to your followers. If you are at the beach and want people to know that the water is clearer than you’ve ever experienced in your life, then mention that in the post, but make sure that the contents of the image encapsulate that.

Try to align your post with words that will make your image one that people pause on as they are scrolling through their feed and get them not only to appreciate your picture but also give it a like, as this is what many of us are after at the end of the day.

Should I Use Quotes In My Caption?

Depends; you need to find the right quote that best suits the content of your post. Confusing your viewers with a caption that evidently has nothing to do with the picture is not something you want to do. Regardless of how much you like the quote, take a picture or sift through the ones you have taken that will line up with the quote’s message.

Should My Instagram Captions Be Short Or Long?

This depends on your audience; gauge the type of content you post and check out which people view your content. If you run a travel blog, then perhaps a more extended caption will aid your viewers in getting an even better understanding of where you went and what the experience was like. However, if your profile centers around you being an Instagram model, then shorter is better.


That wraps up all we have on offer for you regarding ideas for Instagram captions for your Hawaii posts. We hope you found some enticing and even inspiring captions to help you better caption your incredible photos and that the memories of your trip to Hawaii last for years to come. If you travel there again, be sure to come back and visit us too for more great caption ideas.

Mahalo, for reading our post. Until next time, Aloha!

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